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Don't Know Your Ring Size?

Hello Beautiful! 

Having trouble knowing what ring size you are? Don't worry we have you covered! Things you will need:

1. A ruler

2. A pair of scissors

3. String or strip of paper

4. Pen/Marker

How to measure:

Step 1: Choose the finger you are wanting to measure. Then wrap the string/paper around the widest part of your finger, usually below the knuckle, (make sure it can slide over your knuckle).  

Step 2: Once you have the string/paper wrapped around your finger, cut the string/paper  where it meets with one another. Keep in mind not to wrap the string too tight, or too loose, as this may result to a measurement that is incorrect. 

Step 3: Once the string/paper is cut, measure it with the ruler. Make sure the ruler and the string/paper is straight and laying on an even base. Make sure to measure the string on the Inches part of the ruler. 

Step 4: Use the chart below to guide you on your ring size. 

Size 5

1 15/16 in.

Size 6

2 1/16 in.

Size 7

2  3/16 in.


Size 8

2  5/16 in.

Size 9 2 7/16 in.

Size 10

2 9/16 in.


Our rings come only in whole sizes, so if you fall in between, it's best to size up.  We hope this helps in trying to figure out your ring size, we want you to have the best fit possible to enjoy wearing our lovely rings!



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